egateNETWORKS Wired Building Service

Are you a landlord or property management looking for a way to attract new tenants or provide value added service to your tenants? You should consider egateNETWORKS Wired Building Service!

What does it do?
Our Wired Building services take your rental complex to the next level in property by bringing the cutting edge of Internet connectivity and services to the building. We generally bring highly reliable and durable fiber optic connectivity to the building from which we can offer your tenants anything from basic Internet connectivity to mission critical data services.

What is the advantage of this over traditional services?
Traditional Internet connections tend to require the service to be delivered over copper such as DSL or ISDN, which is expensive, unreliable, suffers from lower speeds, and can take the Telephone company weeks to install.

Once we install the base service in your building our technicians can connect clients within a few hours if required. Our service scales easily so your tenants can upgrade their service with one simple phone call. With the power of high quality fiber optic delivery your tenants never hit bottlenecks or suffer the same reliability problems.

Is there any work required on our part?
During the ramp up period we may ask for your assistance in marketing efforts to introduce us to your tenants. After the initial period there is very little work required on your part other then coordinating access to our equipment and allowing us to run wiring within the building as required. We take care of all billing and customer support!

What are the benefits for us?
Many of our building managers find by just offering the service they improve the value of their building by attracting tenants who benefit from this service. We also offer a revenue sharing program where as our service expands into your building you benefit as we expand and grow in your building!

How many tenants do I require? What kind of buildings do you accept?
Each building is evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on the number of tenants, the average square footage each tenant occupies, the types of business your tenants are in, and the condition of the building. Buildings must also be within reach of our fiber optic network.

How do I find out more?
Contact our Wired Building Services department to arrange for a preliminary meeting and site inspection. They can be reached at sales@egate.net or by telephone. Please check our contact page.

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